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25 November 2009 @ 03:16 pm

Well. I like Bingo. And some other people like bingo too. And i thought it would be cool to get together and have some bingo fun with other people.

Bingo will begin one week from today, and start at 7PM EST and go until whenever people get bored.

those that have done bingo before know what happens.

you choose 10 numbers between 1-100 (because this bingo is open to everyone, no names attached)

the bingo master draws 10 names (using the randomizer) out of a hat each 30 minutes on the day.

You get bingo = you win.

No points, prizes or anything. Just for fun. and Internet prestige. Seriously. \

1. comment here with your 10 numbers.
2. show up on Wednesday, 2nd December at 7PM EST.
3. HAVE SHENANIGANS. and gifs.

Pimp it out by copy/pasting the code

*feel free to join the comm, not much else happens here, and you'ld be guarrenteed updates and reminders
19 October 2009 @ 08:55 am

15 caps. 10 participants. :D

1. nowgold 2.darkmagic_luvr 3.morgentau 4.rebelstrike215.agt_bush
6.solookup 7.vamptastica 8.cologne_chick 9.wandersfound 10.onebrightmoment

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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18 September 2009 @ 01:09 pm
Posting Challenges

For those of you that HAVE joined this community - thanks :D

The rules for challenges are different here than most communities - ANY member can post a challenge!!

However, There may Be only ONE current challenge. You can have this as things like the icon battle, where the challenge will be considered "closed" after sign ups are completely.

If you decided to create a challenge with voting, the challenge would be conisdered closed once the voting goes up.

If you wanted to have an epically long Fic-writing challenge....the challenge would be closed after sign ups are done.

If you have any questions, let me know :D

Also, Participants don't have to be members here, for example, if you created, say and icon battle like the supernatural one for Battlestar Galactica or Fringe...etc, people could come participate from anywhere you want to pimp it out too!!!

Think of this community like a "hosting place" for all those challenges you want to do...for SCIFI/FANTASY/SPACE/SUPERNATURAL shows, that don't really have a place to go...:D

18 September 2009 @ 12:38 pm
the Supernatural Icon Battle of Doom has closed it's sign ups.

1. nowgold
2. agt_bush
3. vamptastica
4. wandersfound
5. killmotion
6. blackwidow
7. emptyheaven
8. onebrightmoment
9. sterre
13. gregrox
14. darkmagic_luvr
15. cologne_chick

your icons are due no later than 17th October, and if you just post your 15 here
i will make a master post, to be posted to this comm (i was going to do it diferently, but there is only 15 of us, so it should be ok :D)
14 September 2009 @ 01:56 pm
Everyone (well lots of people) are excited about the new ep of supernatural.

so here is an Epic Icon battle of doom. :D

How to Play
1. Sign up below by giving us a cap.
2. The cap can be any (Hi-res, preferrably) Supernatural Cap.
3. Due date for caps : 17th September.
4. Once you signed up, you'll be required to make an icon from ALL the submitted caps. I'll update the post with the images as we go.
5. You MUST make all the icons, if you sign up. If you don't, your icons won't be included in the icon battle completeion post. (you can still make the icons, just don't submit them if you don't have a full set.

I'm going to put a limit on 30 people. We may not get that many, or we may...but that's a lot of icons to be making for people, and well...if this is popular i'll do it again :D

Feel free to pimp this out to your friends (post is public). any one can join at any skill level :D

PLEASE, PLEASE do not sign up if you know you can't to the 30 icons in ONE MONTH. (if you want to maybe sign up, if we don't get 50 people, and see how you go, let me know, and i'll put your name down if we don't get 50 people)

Each person will be responsible for posting the completed icons from their cap in a public post :D

the current participants and their capsCollapse )
13 September 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Affiliate Here
13 September 2009 @ 04:30 pm
This Community is losely based on thefocusgroup and whedonland Where there are graphics challenges, and writing challenges based on the lesser-known or less-popular shows of a sci-fi or supernatural or fantasy nature (and popular, of course!) There will be different challenges running all the time....and also epic challenges like icon battles and things like that!!

Any show that can be considered under these three categories can be used in the challenges. Occasionaly we will have show-specific challenges as well.

Example shows : X-files, Supernatural, Merlin, Stargate. Doctor Who

This is just a television community, and it will have writing and graphics for all shows. I would prefer that you were keen to read/vote on all shows to join us. :D

Check out the Rules :

1. New Material Must be entered in contests
2. Please try to take the time to vote, and give a fair opinion on all contests. (even if you haven't watched the show in question)
3. Be friendly :D We're all nerds here!

Posting Challenges
1. You (any of you) can post challenges.
2. Please make sure there is only ONE challenge sign ups at a time (this doesn't include voting if there is voting, or revealing of submissions
3. Any questions, please ask.

more on posting challenges here